Texas or Trump?

On a big point in the women’s doubles of the Big 12 Tennis Championships yesterday, one of the Texas gals called “out” on a shot that everyone including the ref in the chair could see was clearly in – by several inches.  And the Texas coach protested the ref’s overturn.

On the same court 15 hours later, during a “geezers’ friendly,” I threw up a high lob recovery shot, and one of my opponents yelled “out” on the shot that landed right on the line.  His partner, my partner, and I spontaneously and simultaneously shouted “Texas.”

That got a good laugh, but in retrospect, I hope that “Texas” will not become the immortalized protest when someone puts out a self-interested and erroneous call on a close verdict.  When the close call is on larger matters like the Mueller report, the better protest would surely be “Trump!”